Ndukwu Daniel Chukwuemeka

Mr Ndukwu Daniel is the Chairman/Founder of Magnet Africa, one of Nigeria’s foremost conglomerates. An accomplished industrialist and entrepreneur, he belongs to the exclusive group of innovative and highly motivated Nigerians tirelessly contributing towards the rapid development of Nigeria through the establishment of widely diversified industries and service companies.

At 27 years he was appointed the Manager of Iron Ox Metal Works Limited (A Construction Company based in Houston, Texas, United State of America). He worked relentlessly toward expansion of his family business and later assumed its control when he became the Executive Chairman of The Magnet Africa Group. As part of his genuine desire to contribute meaningfully to Africans industrialization, he continued to steer the affairs of The Magnet Africa Group, nurturing it to its present conglomerate status.

Daniel is a strong believer in the ability of Nigeria to emerge as an investment powerhouse if the vast potentials and opportunities that are available in the country are harnessed correctly. No doubt, he has achieved his objectives to some extent, but he is not resting on his oars as there are plans to further invest in Nigeria’s development in the coming decades. Mr. Ndukwu Daniel wide knowledge of the Nigerian economy as well as the working of the Country’s Money and Capital markets has enabled The Magnet Africa Group to make sound investment decisions which have strengthened its operations.

Mr. Ndukwu Daniel status as a foremost entrepreneur is recognized by the Nigerian Government and over the course of his career he has intentions to make a wider impact throughout the country. He has won lots of Award and recognition in the Construction and Art Industry.

In August 2011, he completed an ascent of Africa’s highest peak, in order to raise funds for the construction of a new orphanage home in Maiduguri .

Mr Ndukwu is deeply committed to the development of Nigerian society. He is a committed philanthropist, he has endowed trust funds for institutions, organizations and the less privileged and supports the causes geared toward up-liftment of the society. He spent several years designing and managing diverse and complex projects, starting his own practice where he continued working on both public and private projects. His background and experience has enabled him to bring together a professional team, to whom he transmits the aspiration to continually introduce innovative design solutions to contemporary world of Art, Infrstructure and construction



Samer Zeidan

A combination of Art and Construction

PHD in English Literature University of Dublin, Ireland,
PHD in Civil Engineering Imo State University, Nigeria.

Samer corresponds and coordinates between our clients, contractors, designers and Suppliers and Liaises with other department and external contacts through his international work he has developed a flexible understanding of Art Design and Construction. He is a Master at finding Outstanding result.

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